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Not long ago I'm sure this seemed high tech, but now companies are actually making smart watches that look way cooler than this. Probably more functional too.

The two versions of the Seiko Final Fantasy watch

Bileklik saat

Ich liebe auch futuristische Designs Futuristic watch from Seiko. It is probably going to be near impossible to tell time on this watch but who cares?

Cecil Purnell - La Croix

Cecil Purnell - La Croix

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DeWalt Brushless Fix Nailer Body Only

Natural pools! I love this one.

A montage of Woodhouse Natural Swimming Pool's finished projects, including formal and informal natural swimming ponds, swimming pool conversions and part se.

natural swimming pools

DIY natural swimming pool - the video provided in the link is pretty cool. I've had dreams of these things, and now that I've seen an actual video I'm a bit kreeped out because I don't like swimming in dark water, but the pool itself is pretty awesome