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Mars and Earth share UFO visitors? Latest NASA images offer possible link -Some of the images from the surface of Mars taken by the rovers Curiosity and Opportunity are too detailed to be the result of strong winds and sand erosion. Weather patterns on the red planet are frequently offered up by UFO skeptics as an answer to how those images were created. In one of the many latest images that have been posted by NASA a design similar to a star is seen engraved on rock. |

Wheels and Axle caught by Mars Rover Curiosity – Sep 30, 2014 |UFO Sightings Hotspot

Chaos on Mars Edited image from ESA's Mars Expression spacecraft of a chaotic region on Mars. | Flickr - Stuart Rankin

In the latest news on space exploration, NASA’s Mars rover found what looks like the image of a Great Pyramid found back on Earth. The images are part of a series of anomalies found on the Red Planet. This May 7 “pyramid” image has stargazers believing that intelligent life exists or once thrived on Mars. In a June 20 report, ExoPolitics said NASA’s Curiosity Rover discovered a large triangle-shaped stone structure that conjures up images of pyramids.