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Chocolate Banana Muffins from chef-in-training.com …These muffins are so moist and have the most delicious flavor! Definitely one of the best muffins I have ever eaten!

CHOC BANANA MUFFINS: cups mashed bananas ⅓ cup oil 1 egg 1 cup sugar cups flour ¼ cup cocoa 1 teaspoon baking soda ¼ teaspoon baking powder 1 cup mini chocolate chips Sugar for sprinkling on tops

Oh this is sooo true.

Funny pictures about A toddler's rules of possession. Oh, and cool pics about A toddler's rules of possession. Also, A toddler's rules of possession photos.

and socks.

Fun / funny christmas sign that says "when you stop believing in Santa. you get underwear." So that's what I've been doing wrong all these years. good to know lol


Guess who's got a smart phone! Crazy Funny Texts from Mom. Her Auto Corrects and fumblings are absurd! Hilarious& embarrassing parents texts are seriously nuts

Cold Cucumber Soup

Cold Cucumber Soup: blend and chill: cup seedless cucumber, peeled and diced cup water cup plain greek yogurt green onion, diced tsp Dijon Mustard tbsp fresh dill tbsp fresh parsley salt and spices to taste

Grilled Salmon Sandwiches With Pesto Avocado Spread

Grilled Salmon Sandwiches with Pesto Avocado Spread & a Grilled Apricot & Prosciutto Salad — Recipe from Tartelette

Frog baby shower cupcakes

Frog Pond Cupcake Toppers - 1 DozenTurn your own cupcakes into this fun frog design for any birthday celebration. This listing comes with enough to decorat