Marie Antoinette's shoe.

A copy of a Marie Antoinette shoe. French queen ~ Wife of Louis XVI Wedding shoe idea?

Marie Antoinette Shoes

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Marie Antoinette.

POLONAISE A hint of nationalism didn’t stop Marie Antoinette from adopting it as an informal costume over in France. Here's Kirsten in the 2006 film version in the style

Marie Antoinette

pastel fairy gown And you know what. I'd totally whip that out for a wedding

marie antoinette

Les Belles Chaussures (Marie Antoinette Shoes made by Manolo Blahnik for Soffia Copolla's Maria Antoinette film back in

Marie Antoinette #KirstenDunst

Kirsten Dunst in Sofia Coppola's 'Marie Antoinette', The magnificent costumes in this lavishly directed film won costume designer, Melina Canonero a 'Best Costume Design' award for