Creative gift wrap from Kimbles at Craftster.

Creative gift wrap from Kimbles at Craftster suitcase travel gift

Chalkboard-inspired gift wrapping DIY.

DIY - Chalkboard Inspired Gift Wrapping - Buy Black Wrapping Paper and White Markers/Pens for Chalkboard gift wrapping.

DIY Paper Gift Topper

DIY Gift wrapping ideas - Create a pop-up message ribbon made of strips of paper. Check out below for instructions.

Make a cedar mini-wreath to add to your holiday gifts

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas: Cedar Mini-Wreath

DIY Gift Wrap from a paper bag

DIY Gift Wrap from a paper bag - love the contrast of the colorful yarn and brown paper! Like the idea of using the person's initial who is receiving the gift.

DIY animal gift wrap

Another too cute children's gift wrap inspiration- DIY animal gift wrap idea- *add a Christmas or other Holiday/Occasion Specific coordinating bow around the Animals' Neck, Ear,Tail or Body

How to: Birthday in a box!

Birthday in a box how to! This would be a great easy DIY birthday gift for a long distance friend

simple, elegant gift wrapping

People express feelings of love or appreciation through gifts. Beautiful wrapping embellished with personal touches makes gifts even more thoughtful. While some look at gift wrapping as a chore,.