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Art Stolen Or Lost During WWII

Stolen Art & Lost Humanity

Art Stolen Or Lost During WWII

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LMonument Men found artwork Goya's Time of the old women

This is Rose Valland, one of the heroes of Nazi-Occupied France. An employee of the Louvre, she kept records of the art stolen by Nazi officers- what was taken, from where, and by who. She was instrumental in the postwar return of countless stolen pieces, and one of the most decorated women in French history.

A U.S. soldier stands in the middle of rubble in the Monument of the Battle of the Nations in Leipzig after they attacked the city on April 18, 1945. The huge monument commemorating the defeat of Napoleon in 1813 was one of the last strongholds in the city to surrender. One hundred and fifty SS fanatics with ammunition and foodstuffs stored in the structure to last three months dug themselves in and were determined to hold out as long as their supplies. (Eric Schwab/AFP/Getty)

General Dwight D Eisenhower, Supreme Allied commander, accompanied by General Omar N. Bradley, CG of the 12th Army Group; MG Manton Eddy, CG, XII Corps, and COL Bernard Burnstern, tours German salt mines in which stolen treasure was hidden. 4/12/45.

The Monuments Men, the group of Allied men and women who recovered stolen artwork from the Nazis in Europe during the Second World War. The group was composed of artists, curators, archivist, soldiers, men and women from over 13 nations.

Eighty feet below the suface of Piccadilly Circus underground station, national treasures from the Tate Gallery and the London Museum were stored at the outbreak of war. Here the remaining 200 pictures are taken from the underground under police guard - 4 February 1946

Klimt destroyed in WWII bombings

Nazi plundered poster collection finally returned to owner's son: Das Plakat cover designs

Rose Valland was a member of the French Resistance and an employee of the Jeu de Paume Museum in Paris. She kept records of the art plundered by Nazi officers and was instrumental in the post war return of countless stolen pieces. 1934.

The Amber Room after it was plundered by the Nazis in 1945.

Silver adornment for a Torah scroll- one of the many religious objects plundered by the Nazis for transfer to Germany.

Rose Valland.jpg worked for the French Underground during WWII. While working for a French Museum, she documented the artworks plundered from Museums and the Jewish population and became the most decorated woman in France.

Rose Valland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Nazi Plunder discovered in 1945: A Goya painting called "Time" being returned to the Lourve in France.

Documenting Nazi Plunder of European Art Hermann Goering's art collection, stolen from museums across Europe, is stored temporarily in building near Berchtesgaden while being catalogued, June 9, 1945. (NARA #111-SC-207820)

Documenting Nazi Plunder of European Art

Nazi Plundered Poster Collection Finally Returned on

Art haul looted by Nazis goes online in bid to return masterpieces to owners. Captured: Soldiers from General Patton's Third Army stand among gold reserves stashed away in a salt mine.

A photo taken by the Nazis during World War II shows a room filled with stolen art at the Jeu de Paume museum in Paris. Using improved technology and the Internet, the French government is making a renewed push to track down the rightful owners of art looted by the Nazis.

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SUPER HERO - Stolen Art at Neuschwanstein Castle, 1945 Soldiers from the 7th US Army carry the priceless artworks down the steps of Meunschwanstein Castle where hoards of European art treasures, stolen by the Nazis, were hidden during World War II.

May , 1945 - VI Corps staged near Fussen discovered the key Nazi repository of stolen art hidden in the Neuschwanstein Castle. It was rigged with explosives, but fortunately the SS officer in charge could not bring himself to destroy the castle and treasure within. Many years later it would provide the inspiration for Disney's Sleeping Beauty Castle.

More Than 1 Billion Dollars of Nazi Party Stolen Art Located in Augsberg - News - Bubblews

The Rape of Europa - stolen art in war

A soldier inspects a church filled with some of the stolen art of Europe. Elligen, Germany, 1945. NARA

Adolf Hitler presents Hermann Göring with The Falconer (1880), a painting by the 19th century Austrian academic painter Hans Makart. Hitler bought the painting legitimately from art dealer Karl Haberstock. As the Nazi machine rolled over Europe, Göring gave orders that he alone (nominally by Hitler's authority) was to be given first pick of a conquered land's art treasures. He looted some of Europe's finest museums to feed his "love" of fine art. His collection was massive.

Max Ernst painting looted from Jewish home by Nazis during WWII