Venomous fish

Red Lionfish (a venomous coral reef fish native to Indo-Pacific region) by Bruce Bugbee. Due to the incredible amount of success that Lionfish have while hunting, certain biologists have joked about nicknaming them "terminator fish"

Achilles Tang Fish

One of my favourite fish, ever! Achilles Tang/Achilles surgeonfish (Acanthurus achilles) found on reefs of Oceania Hawaii/Pitcairn slightly less in Mariana Islands and sometimes reefs in southern Mexico and Guatemala


Beautiful and colorful fish photos are waiting for you. I share the most beautiful fishes in these photos. Wonderful sea views, amazing fish scenes with you.

Oriental Sweetlip, Seychelles

OK - There is ALWAYS a grump in the mix but aren't they funny to look at? Oriental Sweetlip, Seychelles by Michael Gallagher


There are many kinds of Triggerfish. This is a Clown Triggerfish. They are very feisty and will bite your hand when trying to feed them. If you keep them in an aquarium they will bite tubes and stuff and cause real havoc! They have personality.

Juvenile Garibaldi

Juvenile Garibaldi do this on silk, eye popping blue floss, stuff so they can free stand, make a giggle of garibaldis!

leo fish

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Queen Angelfish (Holacanthus ciliaris) - Holacanthus is a genus of marine angelfishes. The eight species (attached) are particularly abundant near volcanic rocks and coral islands.