Александра Кузнецовская

Александра Кузнецовская

Александра Кузнецовская
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Once for me by PvtScott

You can see more of Nick and Judy in action here in TWHC!


sort of continuation of this: this was inspired by a dumb vine I can't remember how I found it, but it seemed appropriate TNBC/UT - Pun Off

QuantumTale SHORTS: Formal Apologies? by perfectshadow06 on DeviantArt

Trololol witness a morning into the life of the Schelton bros! XD poor paps, have to deal with this every morning. At least this is giving Sans a reason to get up early   Thank you for viewin.

“There she is…my beautiful bride…WHICH BREAKS DOWN THE DOOR WITH A WILD WARNICORN WHAAAAA-” - It’s been going round in my head for weeks XD Enjoy this funny marriage entrance (how happened in the ceremony in the first episode) Pin it here:...

Definitly won't happen bc Marco is with Jacky Lynn.

E621 2016 <3 antro de alcohol de bebidas birchly caninos diálogo cómico disney green_eyes de piel de zorro femenina grey_fur judy_hopps kissing mamífero lagomorfo nick_wilde orange_fur purple_eyes restaurante conejo mofeta Zootopia vino

The name's Nick Wilde. I work alongside my partner Judy Hopps in Zootopia. __________________________________ This is a fan account involving the Disney movie Zootopia.