Simes step lights

Plaster in floorwashers. Most commonly installed on the stairs to provide lighting for safety and better vision whilst using the pathway through the property.

Light Grain is a minimalist residence located in Osaka, Japan, designed by Yoshiaki Yamashita Architect & Associates.

Light Grain

in the japanese city of osaka, architect yoshiaki yamashita has completed ‘light grain’, a three storey dwelling that features a perforated façade.

I need to shoot architecture for my photography class. Why aren't there any buildings like this anywhere near me. Why.

Nina Papiorek - Detail of the rooftop in the train station in Liege, Belgium

What a beautiful light-pattern!

What a beautiful light-pattern! The Mülimatt footbridge oder the River Aare in Windisch/CH

Tiffany- J'ai choisi cette photo car sa represente le moment Edmond a échappé par le prison. Je pense que c'est une bonne symbole de comment se sens de etre libre apres que vous avez coincé pour une longue periode du temps.

Life is all about freedom. My main focus in life is to live free.