Karen Carr

Karen Carr

Portland, Oregon  ·  I'm a feminist, an anarchist, an archaeologist. I'm helping to create a new inclusive history.
Karen Carr
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Pompeii Portable Oven

Pompeii Portable Oven: Pinning this again because it is just so fascinating to me. Ingenious example of what we would come to know as bushcraft/survival equipment.

two women standing lifting large stones

Athenian Cookery and the Symposium

painting of greek ship with sails

painting of greek ship with sails

also the miraj, but the rooster????

Angel Quroos The Rooster This angel who has the form of a rooster descends to the earthly skies when it is night, and this is his Tasbih

Art Quill Studio: Timelines of Fabrics, Dyes and Other Stuff Edition 2.0 [1-17]Art ResourceMarie-Therese Wisniowski

Art Quill Studio: Timelines of Fabrics, Dyes and Other Stuff Version ResourceMarie-Therese Wisniowski

Pull toy of woman grinding grain (ancient Egypt) - African toys

Wooden Baker Puppet Toy:as the string is pulled,the little Baker kneads Bread.This must have a popular toy,as i've seen several versions of it.

Boys wrestling (ca. 2500 BC) Tomb of Nykauinpu, at Giza Now in the Oriental Institute, Chicago

Ancient Egyptian games included board games, dice, and knucklebones. Kids also played wrestling and dancing games, and went swimming.

Egyptian soldiers from the 11th Dynasty (about 2000 BC)

Governement: Mentuhotep II had a pretty peaceful reign in the beginning. However, throughout his ruling, it became highly militaristic and there was bloodshed.

Victims of civil war, bound with ropes and with their heads cut off and placed between their legs, from the Narmer palette, about 3000 BC

Egyptian warfare - war in ancient Egypt - their enemies, their weapons and their war chariots, their use of Greek and Sudanese mercenaries.