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Dear Hubby, In case you need gift ideas

Dear Hubby, In case you need gift ideas

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Because every time we have a dinner party, you go to the gym an hour before guests arrive.....

Emilio Pucci Sunglasses. Because I make you home brewed kombucha when I barely even have time to wash my hair.

When you take a job that requires you to work all weekend when I'm sick and rundown and have to take care of rambunctious children all by myself, with this, I forgive you.

Your workaholic wife needs this to maintain her hip yet professional demeanor.

For when you've been snoring all night so I don't get any sleep before the most important shoot day of my career, with this, I forgive you.

If you ever forget the anniversary if when we first kissed, this would make it all better.

For when you forget to take out the trash and I have to chase the trash truck down the street in my nightie at 6am....

When my phone isn't working b/c you forgot to pay the bill, I'd forgive you.

When you forget to put the toilet seat down, this will help me forgive.