Awesome installation art.

Awesome installation art.

Intersections: An Ornately Carved Wood Cube Projects Shadows onto Gallery Walls wood shadows religion light Islam installation Created by mixed media artist Anila Quayyum Agha


An abandoned ferris wheel at The Lake Shawnee amusement park in Princeton, WV! abandoned and haunted theme park where many had died.I WANT TO GO HERE!

Although mostly ruined, deep within Yester Castle's interior lies the infamous Goblin Hall, with one of the oldest surviving Gothic stone arched ceilings in existance, built in 1267 in the village of Gifford in East Lothian, Scotland.

The Wizard of Yester and the Goblin Hall - A Scottish Castle Built by Goblins

The Wizard of Yester and the Goblin Hall - A Century Scottish Castle Built by Lord Hugo de Giffard, warlock and geomancer. It is said to be the result of a satanic pact between Hugo (the wizard of Yester) and the devil himself.


Mu Cang Chai, Vietnam - photo from pixohub; Mù Cang Chải is a rural district of Yên Bái Province, in the Northeast region of Vietnam. Farming is one of the main businesses of the province.

"Paperbark Cherry" tree (Prunus serrula) Washington Arboretum, Seattle

Beautiful , "Paperbark Cherry" tree (Prunus serrula) Washington Arboretum, Seattle by maria.

Master bedroom ~~ Beautiful

Bench at the end of the bed! This romantic bedroom decor includes a chandelier, large white tufted headboard, antique white dresser and distressed bedroom bench. The cream, blue and beige color scheme ties everything together.

Cathedral Rock reflection on Oak Creek at twilight ~ Sedona, Arizona • photo: Ron Neibrugge

Cathedral Rock reflection on Oak Creek, Sedona, Arizona [Photo: Ron Neibrugge]


Love, love, love the sculpted bushes and the green growth atop part of the house reminds me of a stroll through an "Alice in Wonderland" approach to the mysterious and partially hidden entrance.