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High Middle Ages

The High Middle Ages was the period of European history around the 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries (c. 1001–1300).

High Middle Ages

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The oldest door in Britain in Westminster Abbey -A 900-year-old door was put in place in the 1050s, during the reign of the Abbey's founder, Edward the Confessor. The door, which measures 6.5ft by 4ft, was made from one tree which probably grew between AD 924 and 1030. Simon Thurley, of English Heritage, said: "It is incredible to think that when the door was made the Norman Conquest had not yet happened and William of Normandy was still a young man of about 20." That's pretty cool.

Old London Town - London, United Kingdom Travel Blog

12th century men's bliaut

Fécamp Psautier, Normandie, 1180 AD, showing nice details of high medieval peasant work. One of the few images of hoods of the 12th century are shown here.

Pattens 12th century in Vézelay, France. One of the few evidences of pattens in the 12th century.

Les Guerriers du Moyen-Age

Bay 210 - Panel D1 from the windows of Le Mans Cathedral (mid 13 C.)

Map of Plantagenet Possessions in France and England, 1154

Abbaye d'Aubazine - Armoire liturgique - XIIème (l'une des plus vieilles de France)

Oak armoire. C12th, Aubazine, France.

The Aghadoe Crozier, a beautiful 12th century artefact found at Aghadoe, County Kerry in 1848. The crozier is intricately carved out of walrus ivory and is decorated in the Viking Urnes style.

Twelfth century tomb effigy of the powerful Saxon count Wiprecht of Groitzsch.

f-featherbrain, jeannepompadour: Tomb cover slab of count...

Battle shields, European, medieval 11th-14th century, almond-shaped battle shield with curved topline, extremely heavily weathered and worm-eaten, wood chemically strengthened and preserved. L 125 cm W 40 cm.

Column Figure of a King, ca. 1150–1170 French; From the abbey of Saint-Denis

12th (ca. 1175-1200?) century Italy Eve, Lodi Cathedral portal figure

Physician demonstrates cautery points. late 12c. British Library

Physicians at work, late 12c. British Library Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts

Physician mixing medicine, late 12c. British Library. Especially like the way the assistant's cote is drawn and short hose shown rolled at the knee.

Medieval stairwell in Kenilworth Castle that was built in 1120s, and got a great historic period until the 19th century. It was the subject of the 6-month long Siege of Kenilworth in 1266, believed to be the longest siege in English history, and formed a base for Lancastrian operations in the War of the Roses. It was also the scene of the removal of Edward II from the English throne, the French insult to Henry V in 1414, and the Earl of Leicester's lavish reception of Elizabeth I in 1575.

«Where a Lady with a Dog and a Man with a Falcon...», French embroidered purse, 1170-90 (Musée municipal Alfred-Bonno, Chelles, Seine-et-Marne) -- Silk threads on linen.

Aumônières, otherwise known as alms purses - La cotte simple

Crusades / Medieval Europe, c. 1198 - 1375 AD. Fantastic and large bronze long-bow arrowhead found in Armenia. Still very sharp!

Ancient Resource: Medieval Weapons & Armor for Sale

Textile with birds and horned quadrupeds flanking a tree of life Object Name: Fragment Date: 11th–12th century Geography: Iran

12th century nobleman in typical garmets.

More from the Admont bible, Salzberg early 12th C, (Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, Wien. Cod. ser. nov. 2701 and 2 pages in École Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris. PC 22788)

Teffania's Stuff: 12thC austrian manuscripts

Ivory reliquary made in Cologne around 1200, carved with Old Testament figures on the lid and New Testament figures connected with the Nativity on the front panel.

Gerald of Wales, Giraldis Cambrensis, Gerald the Welshman, Gerald the Marcher - his many names reflect the long and multi-faceted career of one of the most fascinating figures of the Middle Ages.

Gerald of Wales: A Voice of the Middle Ages

A fine and rare Seljuk silver and gold ring set with a deep purple stone seal bearing the name of Ali Ibn Yusuf, Persia, 12th century

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