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Narrating audiobooks is my job and my passion! I'm blessed to be able to record for multiple publishers from my stunning soundproof studio. These pins are for…
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the book cover for making my pitch, featuring an image of a baseball player throwing a ball
Making My Pitch: A Woman's Baseball Odyssey Making My Pitch: A Woman's Baseball Odyssey (Audible Audio Edition): Karen Commins, Jean Hastings Ardell, Ila Jane Borders, University Press Audiobooks: Books
the cover for road to tara, with an image of a woman in white dress
Road to Tara: The Life of Margaret Mitchell Road to Tara: The Life of Margaret Mitchell (Audible Audio Edition): Karen Commins, Anne Edwards, Jewel Audiobooks: Books
the cover of susan b anthony's book, performed by karen communs listen to listen to listen to listen to listen
Karen Commins on X
#SusanBAnthony was a courageous woman who fought for #WomensRights. I'm proud and honored to bring some of her words and the story of her trial to life in 3 #audiobooks for Listen2aBook.
Dead In Boca by Miriam Auerbach #Audiobook 3 in the Dirty Harriet #cozy #mysteries set in #BocaRaton #Florida  Junior Castellano, a big-time land developer, hires PI Harriet Horowitz to find the silver-haired gigolo who broke Mama Castellano's heart. Simple enough, until the Boca police find Junior bulldozed at one of his construction sites. Was Junior killed by his mother's con man? Or by a bitter ex-wife or spurned ex-girlfriend? Maybe by his estranged sons? Ex Girlfriends, Dirty, Gigolo, Bitter Ex, Mystery
the return to fender by virginia brown is shown in this book, with an illustration of a woman standing next to a motorcycle
a man talking on a cell phone with the words for god time, call me
a black and gold sign with stars in the background that says cheerful by request written on it
dirty harriet rides again book cover with an image of a woman's face and palm trees in the background
the cover of two shades of morning by jane daughry, with an image of a woman sitting in a car
an image of a book cover with money coming out of his hands and the title, imppoer influence
Improper Influence
In this audiobook, even Sasha's most daunting cases to date haven't prepared her for her current challenge: Finding a wedding reception venue that her mother and Connelly can agree on. Wedding planning woes become the least of her worries, though, when Bodhi King, a forensic pathologist, comes to her for help. Young women across the city are dying, and he suspects their deaths are connected. He then becomes a target. #Legal #thriller #audiobook by Melissa F. Miller #Pittsburgh #mystery
the heart of the new kingdom
the cover of dirty harriet's album, featuring an image of a woman with sunglasses on