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Kid's Books About Bullying

Kid's Books About Bullying

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"This funny, spirited story—written by bestselling author of Get a Financial Life Beth Kobliner Shaw with her son Jacob, and illustrated by award-winning picture book artist Jules Feiffer—encourages young readers to embrace the thing that makes them unique..."

BULLY at Ambush Corner Karen Mueller Coombs. Every day after school, Tink waits in ambush for Rocky. Will he be able to end the daily bullying, gain his father's approval, and still practice being a pacifist? A book about a serious subject told with a touch of humor, BULLY AT AMBUSH CORNER is available in print or as an e-book for middle grade readers 8-12. Read about it at www.bullyatambush.... Discussion guide included.

Verbal Bullying (Take a Stand Against Bullying): Jennifer Rivkin. "Studies indicate that verbal bullying is more than twice as common as physical bullying. It occurs across all age groups, genders, economic classes, and ethinic groups. Verbal bullying can inflict long-term emotional scars. This informative title examines the causes and consequences of verbal bullying. Readers will learn to identify different kinds of verbal bullying and discover concrete strategies to prevent it." Ages 10+

Physical Bullying (Take a Stand Against Bullying): Jennifer Rivkin. "Physical bullying is the most blatant form of bullying. It includes hitting or kicking the victim, or, taking or damaging the victim's belongings. . . This informative title addresses physical bullying from the perspective of the target, the bully, and the bystander. Case studies, statistics, and thought-provoking questions shed light on this issue and provide actionable strategies to prevent it." Ages 10+

Social Bullying (Take a Stand Against Bullying): Margaret Webb. "Social bullying involves hurting someone's reputation or relationships. Also called relational bullying, it includes acts such as social exclusion, spreading rumours, and embarrassing a person in public. It also includes nonverbal acts such as staring, pointing, and making gestures. This revealing title examines why social bullying occurs and provides effective strategies to confront it." Ages 10+

Cyber Bullying (Take a Stand Against Bullying): Rachel Stuckey. "This book provides a revealing look at cyber bullying and explains how it is different from other forms of bullying." Ages 10+

Bullying Under Attack: True Stories Written by Teen Victims, Bullies & Bystanders (Teen Ink): Stephanie Meyer, John Meyer, Emily Sperber, Heather Alexander. An "anthology of first-person accounts written by teenagers for both their peers and adults, words transform pain into hope and the possibility for change."

The Bullying Workbook for Teens, Lohmann, Taylor, Kilpatrick. "The Bullying Workbook for Teens incorporates cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help ease anxiety, fear, stress, and other emotions associated with being bullied. The workbook is made up of 42 step-by-step self-help activities designed to help you learn anti-bullying tips and strategies, manage emotions such as anxiety, fear, anger, and depression, and learn constructive communication skills to help you express your feelings."

By Mark Goldblatt "Julian Twerski isn't a bully. He's just made a big mistake. So when he returns to school after a weeklong suspension, his English teacher offers him a deal: if he keeps a journal and writes about the terrible incident that got him and his friends suspended, he can get out of writing a report on Shakespeare." Middle grade, ages 9+.

Gimme-Jimmy: Sherrill S. Cannon : Kindle Store The rhyming story of Jim Alexander, whose nickname was Gimme-Jimmy because he was a greedy and selfish bully. Imagine Jimmy’s concern when he found that every time he said the word “Gimme,” his hand grew larger! Jimmy was happy to discover that when he was polite and said, “Please” and “Thank you,” his hand began to shrink. He started practicing his new “Polite Rule” and found out that it was much more fun to share. Ages 4-8.

Sexted!: A YA novel about sexting & it's perils, including bullying. ". . . a hot topic from the perspective and authentic voice of today’s teens . . . genuine characters and fresh emotion . . .reveals how seemingly innocent curiosity can lead to damaging consequences." "Titillation and trauma, crushes and consequences…Coombs gets it so right." Deborah Halverson, children's book editor, author of YA books & Writing Young Adult Fiction for Dummies. See:

"Lucy is good at drawing and making things at school. But there's a bully at school, and he's very mean to Lucy. She can't tell anyone the bully rips her books and breaks her things, because he told her not to--or else! What can Lucy do?" By Clair Alexander. Ages 3+

"This fourteen-story YA fiction anthology delves into the experience of being bullied—socially, emotionally, physically, psychologically, and sexually. . . . With the rapid-fire response time of social media and smartphones, bullying has lost all limits, and the lines among truth, lies, and real accountability have become blurred." 13+ Featuring some of the hottest voices in YA literature, both

"Teens open up to tell personal stories that tackle difficult, real-life issues. Direct, revealing, and often raw, these voices will ring true for any teen reader who has faced bullying, anger, or stress. Each piece has been selected and edited to appeal to reluctant and emerging readers as young as seventh grade. Readers will be inspired by the writers’ courage and strength in working hard to overcome problems both large and small." Ages 13+

"Howard was being bullied at school. His intuition told him to let the teacher know. Instead he chose different strategies and they all failed. He finally told the teacher and she took action to make him feel okay and safe. Tips and Lessons are included." By Howard Binkow. Ages 5+.

"Robin, a seven-year-old girl, sees Bobby, the new kid in the neighborhood, being teased and bullied by other kids. . . . Robin wants to help Bobby, but doesn't know how so she asks her parents for help." B y Dana Smith-Mansell. Ages 4+.

"This is a deceptively simple color and counting book that turns into a lesson on bullying." (LSJ) BY Kathryn Otoshi. Ages 4+.

  • Suz Swaap
    Suz Swaap

    This is probably the best book I have ever bought. Gets the message home in a powerful method that small children understand.

"This book teaches girls how to spot bullying and how to stand up and speak out against it. Quizzes, quotes from other girls, and "what do you do?" scenarios present advice in an age-appropriate, digestible way. The message in this book is that there is no one right way to deal with bullying." BY Patti Kelley Criswell. Ages 8+.

"Newly revised and updated, it’s the ultimate resource for any kid who’s ever been picked on at school, bossed around, blamed for things he or she didn’t do, or treated unfairly—and for any kid who sometimes feels frustrated, angry, powerless, or scared. Simple words and real-life examples show how children can stick up for themselves with other kids (including bullies and teasers), big sisters and brothers, even grown-ups." By Kaufman, Raphael, Espeland. Ages 8+

"A powerful and poignant collection of real life social issues facing our kids today. It provides a wonderful opportunity for generating ethical and moral discussions with tweens and teens who are faced with the negative influences of peer pressure, bullying, and harassment. I highly recommend it!" -- Trudy Ludwig, Author of My Secret Bully, Just Kidding, and Sorry! By Sandra McLeod Humphrey. Ages 8+

"Some children push and tease and bully. Sometimes they hurt other kids by just ignoring them. The girl in this story sees it happening, but she would never do these mean things herself. Then one day something happens that shows her that being a silent bystander isn't enough. Will she take some steps on her own to help another kid? By Peggy Moss. Ages 5+

A rare look at emotional bullying among boys from the best-selling author of My Secret Bully, Trudy Ludwig. Ages 6+

Katie, Nate, and Renata are three junior high school friends locked up in juvie after being found guilty of kidnapping the class bully. By Margaret Willey. YA

"... when Lyla makes the cheerleading squad and a clique of popular girls invites her to join them, [best friend] Jamie is left behind. Lyla knows bullying when she sees it, though, and when she sees the girls viciously teasing classmates on Facebook, including Jamie, she is smart enough to get out. But no one dumps these girls, and now they're out for revenge." By Patricia Polacco Age 7+

"A new life. A new school. A new bully. That's what Darrell Mercer faces when he and his mother move from Philadelphia to California. After spending months living in fear, Darrell is faced with a big decision. He can either keep running from this bully--or find some way to fight back." By Paul Langan and Anne E. Schraff YA