I would love to see more of this type of signage appearing on buildings again. LED shouldn't be the only form of signage!

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Fathers day photography kids photo ideas for special and memorable gifts for dad. Take pictures to freeze the beautiful moment, best Fathers day gift ever.

This looks incredibly painful.

The uglier the feet the better the dancer (: (: (: hard work, bunions, blisters, lost toe nails.pointe is not easy ballet is hard work and is so worth it. It is so beautiful to watch these men and woman at work(: حاسس بى ايه وانت شايف الصوره دى

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I haven't been able to confirm, but this looks like an ultraviolet photo to me. The "freckles" are characteristic of UV and may not be visible in ordinary light. (Other photos in this series of portraits also have the freckles.

Astronaut in the Clouds.

Space in motion # Youniverse # Youniversal Awareness # Universal Awareness # Cosmic Consciousness # Yes Us # Jah We # Yes U are ✨👁✨

supermoon in paris

cristoff: “Tonight’s Super Moon & the Eiffel Tower from EarthSky friend VegaStar Carpentier in Paris. “ I love Paris in the springtime. I love Paris in the fall. I love Paris in the summer when it.

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An image purportedly showing a violin-shaped island in Costa Rica is fake. There is no violin-shaped island off the coast of Costa Rica. Though there are real Violin Islands in Singapore and Costa Ri…

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Shadow and Reflection Photo 3 What I liked about this picture is the angle at which it was taken from, because originally it is horizontal but now that it is vertical the way the shadows look is very interesting.