Karen Fike Art

I am a Chicago-based artist creating acrylic and mixed media on canvas, depicting female strength and elegance through figurative abstractions of women. My goal…
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five lights are hanging from the ceiling
graffiti on the side of a metal object with words written in black and pink ink
an abstract painting with black and white colors
two men standing in an art gallery talking to each other
an open book with pictures and text on the cover, sitting on top of a wooden table
the lights are shining brightly on the ceiling above the counter in the restaurant or bar
an easel sitting in front of a painting on top of a wooden table next to a black chair
two women are smiling for the camera at an art show with people in the background
an older man standing in front of some paintings
a man wearing a cowboy hat standing in front of a painting
a woman standing in front of a store window holding a bag and looking at the camera
an abstract drawing with pastel and colored pencils
three paintings hanging on the wall in an art gallery
a man with a beard standing in front of paintings on the wall and people looking at them
a poster with an image of a woman's face and the words chromatic converge