We help people get their hands back from the pain & numbness of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Show what you do with hands: crafts, crocheting, gardening, tennis, nai

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the carpal solution is applied in three easy steps and will cure Carpal Tunnel Syndrome even after a failed Carpal Tunnel Surgical Procedure. The Carpal Solution Treatment was developed by Doctors

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Carpal Tunnel Pain Worse After Carpal Tunnel Surgery? | The Carpal Solution is you answer. Watch this video of a Professional Musician who suffered for years with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome fearing surgery after watching her Dad get surgery with no benefit. You will enjoy listening to Diane's Carpal Tunnel Journey and you will learn what you need to know.

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The carpal solution is a home treatment system developed by doctors that works for over 97 percent of people. It will likely work for you too. It works on hands even after a failed Carpal Tunnel Surgery - Patients are so grateful for a treatment that works!


The Carpal Solution Treatment works even after a Failed Surgical Procedure

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The Carpal Solution Treatment cured both my hands even after a failed Carpal Tunnel Surgery that made my left hand worse. The Carpal Solution is the best medical treatment I have ever received. I give it a 12 out of 10 stars. Thank you First Hand Medical!

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Elementary School Teacher tells Carpal Tunnel Journey. My Doctor recommended Carpal Tunnel Surgery But Surgery Made my Carpal Tunnel Pain Worse. Carpal Tunnel Surgery failed for me. I needed to find a treatment that worked even after a failed surgery. My Doctor just shrugged when I told him my symptoms were worse after the surgical procedure. What now? I had to find the answers myself. Fortunately I did.


Neurologists Recommend The Carpal Solution as the Best First Line Treatment even after a failed surgical Procedure. Neurologists are the nerve experts in Medicine. When neurologists recommend a product for Carpal Tunnel you can take it to the bank. The Carpal Solution Treatment works for 97% of people with CTS.

I am using the Carpal Solution on my right hand. In just ten days there has been a remarkable improvement

you should immediately feel the gentle stretching action of the carpal solution after correctly applying