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NAZI regime

Nazi Germany and the Third Reich are common names for Germany during the period from 1933 to 1945, when its government was controlled by Adolf Hitler and his National Socialist German Workers' Party (NSDAP), commonly known as the Nazi Party. Under Hitler's rule, Germany was transformed into a fascist totalitarian state which controlled nearly all aspects of life. Nazi Germany ceased to exist after the Allied Forces defeated Germany in May 1945, ending World War II in Europe.

NAZI regime

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Berlin, Germany, The Nazi Minister of Propaganda Josef Goebbels speaking in a street. Goebbels was responsible for controlling the German news media, literature, visual arts, filmmaking, theatre, music, and broadcasting. As the central office of Nazi propaganda, the Reichs Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda comprehensively supervised and regulated the culture and mass media of Nazi Germany.

Reich War flag of Germany 1935-1938

This poster is from the March 1933 Reichstag election, the last one in which Germans had a choice. The poster shows President Hindenburg and Chancellor Hitler. The caption: “The Reich will never be destroyed if you are united and loyal.”

Hitler believed that the human gene pool could be improved by using selective breeding similar to how farmers breed superior cattle strains. In the formulation of their racial policies, Hitler’s government relied heavily upon Darwinism, especially the elaborations by Spencer and Haeckel. As a result, a central policy of Hitler’s administration was the development and implementation of policies des...

De Eeuwige Jood The Eternal Jew (1940) is an antisemitic German Nazi propaganda film, presented as a documentary. It has been characterized as "surely the most hideous success of the anti-Semitic films" made during the Nazi era. The film's title in German is Der ewige Jude, the German term for the character of the "Wandering Jew" in medieval folklore. At the insistence of Nazi Germany's Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, the film was directed by Fritz Hippler.

“Who wants to live, so he must  fight, and who does not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle does not deserve to live.”  Adolf Hitler - Mein Kampf Adolf Hitler portrait by graphic artist and painter Georg Sluyterman van Langeweyde

How do you do?, derwiduhudar: “Who wants to live, so he...

Adolf Hitler wearing spectacles in a censored photograph taken by Heinrich Hoffmann. The photograph was censored personally by Hitler - no photograph in spectacles was to be published.


Two buddy SS officers at the Neuengamme concentration camp, 1944.

A rare moment when Adolf Hitler is pleasantly surprised by the photographer -- most likely, Heinrich Hoffman, who documented the Fuehrer's regime to the end.

Waffen SS Das Reich poster

Hitler with Doctor Porche

Adolf Hitler makes a speech during a cornerstone-laying ceremony to mark the start of construction of the Volkswagen factory at Fallersleben, June 1938. In the foreground is the prototype Volkswagen car designed by Prof Dr F Porsche and handmade by the Mercedes Benz car factory.


Hitler class photo...1901

Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler poses with a young member of the Nazi Youth.

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✠ Professor Karl Brandt, Adolph Hitler's personal physician, seconds before his execution at US hands. The U.S. military tribunal accused the SS Doctor of war crimes and crimes against humanity, of experimenting on prisoners and his euthanasia program. Dr Brandt was indicted, convicted, sentenced and hanged, in Landsberg, on June 2, 1948.

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Secret Nazi Hideout Believed Found in Argentina. After the war then Argentine President Juan Perón allowed thousands of Nazis, and other European fascists, to resettle in the South American nation. Most notorious among them was arguably Adolf Eichmann, a leading architect of the Holocaust, who in 1960 was found in Argentina by an Israeli intelligence group. He was abducted and eventually executed in Israel for his crimes.

Secret Nazi Hideout Believed Found in Argentina

Alfred Rosenberg Shaking Hands with Hermann Goering - U430302ACME - Rights Managed - Stock Photo - Corbis. Original caption:Goering, Rosenberg Have Birthday Together. Berlin, Germany: Nazi social amenities were unusual cordial during the double birthday celebration of Reichsleader Alfred Rosenberg (left) and General Goering, Hitler's right-hand man. The two are pictured above at Goering's home in Berlin as they exchanged congratulations. Each was 45 years old. January 25, 1938

Alfred Rosenberg Shaking Hands with Hermann Goering

Adolf Hitler and His Officials at Ceremony - U650200INP - Rights Managed - Stock Photo - Corbis. March 29, 1933

Joseph Goebbels Saluting Nazi Loyalists 1930 - U551493INP - Rights Managed - Stock Photo - Corbis

Portraits of Adolf Hitler and Cabinet Members - U213948ACME - Rights Managed - Stock Photo - Corbis. February 07, 1933

Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels with His Family - U315847ACME - Rights Managed - Stock Photo - Corbis. Original caption:Reich's propaganda minister on holiday. This exclusive photo shows Dr. Paul [Joseph] Goebbels, German propaganda minister with his wife and daughter, Helga, at Heiligendamm, by the Baltic Sea, where they are vacationing. August 16, 1935

Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels with His Family

Portrait of Joseph Goebbles and His Family - U417700ACME - Rights Managed - Stock Photo - Corbis

A group of German girls line up to learn musical culture under auspices of the Nazi Youth Movement, in Berlin, Germany on Feb. 24, 1936. (AP Photo)

A group of German girls line up to learn musical culture under auspices of the Nazi Youth Movement, in Berlin, Germany on Feb. 24, 1936. (AP Photo) - Wodu Media

SS with Adolf Hitler Standard