DIY Marquee Letters, from cardboard.  Could use large bulbs as shown, or battery powered LEDs.

DIY Marquee Letters from Cardboard: Another stylish DIY project for teen girls’ room decor! It must be every girl’s wish list. (Top For Teens Room Decor)

Colored paper or cardstock with cardboard layered between adds dimension and height.

(Used to make geology maps?) Paper sculpture Use large sheets of paper and then a generic cardboard shape in between each sheet to add dimension. Could be easily assembled with glue does. Possible topographic map model?

Just using paper (construction paper or cardstock) and a cardboard circle...  Would be cool with LEDs inside the "petals" as a lamp.

:) Here is the Inspirational Monday on diy flower series – Dahlia paper Flowers. This week is about making DIY Dahlia paper Flowers here. Love how dimensional and easy …

Creative cardboard costumes!  To make cardboard flexible, fold and pull over hard edge until you get the shape you want.

Love these creative cardboard costumes! Such wonderful material, cheap. easy to work with, flexible ( fold and pull over hard edge until you get the shape you want). These costumes are by design students - cardboard catwalk.

Giant people maze!  Cardboard and binder clips...

Funny pictures about Maze made from cardboard boxes. Oh, and cool pics about Maze made from cardboard boxes. Also, Maze made from cardboard boxes.

Ambitious project!

Packed Cardboard Pavilion

Designed by ETH Zurich students Min‐Chieh Chen, Dominik Zausinger and Michele Leidi, the Packed Pavilion is made from 409 cardboard cones connected together with ties.

Can You Make a Chair Out of Cardboard? Watch as Nate explains how cardboard's corrugated internal design makes it easy to bend in some directions, while not so easy to bend in others. For more Design Squad Nation, go to

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