Interactive felted textile - Felted capacitive sensors + piano arduino code (lilypad arduino). Project for MIT New Textiles

Interactive felted textile: felted capacitive sensors used with Arduino. You could control the Arduino with a Raspberry Pi.

LED Cuff Bracelet

LED Cuff Bracelet craft, Circuitry project for grade STEAM / STEM groups (by bitwiseOwl via Instructibles)

Climate Dress senses the amount of ambient pollution and activates warning LED array.

The LED-Powered Climate Dress monitors pollution and displays a health warning based on local air quality.

Our Social Body Lab's Audience Jacket.  Uses wireless tech and sensors to react with audience noises (cheers, jeers and applause) depending on your movements.

Cool Wearables - Our Social Body Labs Audience Jacket, featured on (wearable technology). Jacket uses wireless tech and sensors to react with audience noises (cheers, jeers and applause) depending on your movements.

LED needlepoint robot from Make magazine.

LED Needlepoint Robot

Made by the amazing Anu Koski (funny how I have a strong affection for the Finnish) aka “the ageing young rebel”. About this piece she says, “Needlepoint Robo is my embroidery pro…

Fully Functional Plush Game Controller.

How-To: Plush Game Controller

Entirely functional plush game controller with Flora & Conductive Fabric

Zippi doll with tilt sensor that lights up eyes when the doll is moved from horizontal to vertical.  Instructable with great drawings!

Zippi dolls/ ugly dolls could make a great project - design, research, modern and uptodate and basic electronics and plenty of textiles skills

Inspired by Dorothy’s quest in the Wizard of Oz, Dominic Wilcox designed these GPS shoes that will guide you home with a click of the heels. The user simply inputs their desired location onto a map, and then the location is uploaded via USB to the shoes. When the wearer clicks their heels the GPS system is activated.    LED lights positioned on the toe cap indicate which direction the user should walk in next, with a green light signaling when the user has arrived at the destination.

♥♥♥ No Place Like Home Shoes: Dominic Wilcox has created a fully functional prototype pair of shoes that will guide you home no matter where you are in the world.

Sylvia's Mini Maker Show: Super Sewable Circuitry

Super Sewable Circuitry – Sylvia’s Mini Maker Show

Super Sewable Circuitry -- Learn how to make a light up puppet friend!