Fishing knot

The Albright knot is mostly used when working nylon or very slippery based lines.Albright fishing are knot easy to tie.

How to Escape Zip Ties ~ something everyone should know just in case... Front and Behind How-To Videos

Self-Defense: 12 Self-Defense Tips That Could Come In Handy One Day. (Sad people think swearing makes you tough. But some good personal safety/ self-defense tips are linked.

30 Things you should have in your car at all time. - Probably a good idea for most on long car trips

30 Essential Things You Should Keep in Your Car

Garage Organization: Weeks 34 & 30 Things You Should Have In Your Car At All Times (my favorite tip is the duct tape check out the repairs that have

knots, knots, knots!

Pretty examples: Macrame and traditional Korean knots as well as pictures of jewelry and other art work from knots

5 Knots You Need to Know How to Tie at All Times - // Bowline // Taut-Line Hitch // Threaded Figure-Eight // Double Fisherman's Knot // Power Cinch Knot

5 Knots - Bowline, Taut-Line Hitch,Threaded Figure-Eight, Double Fisherman's Knot, Power Cinch Knot

Weaver’s knot is great for joining slippery ends such as bamboo.

Weaver’s knot tutorial - an important join to know. This is how I join my yarns together. You can trim tails very close to knot and knot hide in your crochet.

Trucker’s Hitch Infographic

The trucker’s hitch is a compound knot that functions as a kind of pulley affording a mechanical advantage effectively tripling the amount of pull on the working end. Use the trucker’s hitch when tightening up tarp lines, securing loads or making bundles.

Knot key chain @Jess Pearl Liu Sotier Werner will you crochet me a string like this so I can make a key chain??!

Ingenioso llavero con un simple nudo

33 Things You Can Cook On A Camping Trip….or might be helpful in Peace Corps

34 Things You Can Cook On A Camping Trip

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How to tie a jug knot

DIY Water Bottle Carrying Strap

Tie a JUG KNOT around a water bottle, soda bottle, or aluminum bottle to make a secure carrying strap. Re-purpose any container into a reusable water bottle by.

Sailor's knot bracelet tutorial

How-To: Sailor’s Knot Bracelets

How to tie a tie {something every girl ought to know}

how to tie a tie {something every girl ought to know, and I really had no idea}.nice refresher since men hardly wear ties these days!