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Still-functioning roman lead pipes in Bath, England. 1st-2nd century CE

19th Century Fashion Timeline by Terrizae on deviantart! Click the pic or go here ( for source.

19th Century Fashion Timeline by Terrizae on deviantART

The London Stone. Popular legends include the Stone being the remains of an ancient stone circle that is alleged to have stood on Ludgate Hill, & even the stone from which Arthur withdrew the legendary Sword in the Stone. The earliest reference to the Stone is in a book belonging to Æthelstan, King of England in the early 10th century. In the book, some places are said to be "near unto London stone". It was already a landmark in 1198 when it was referred to on maps as Lonenstane or Londenstane.

Kings time period

The wedding bed for Sir John Radclyffe and Lady Anne Asshawe, dates back to the 1570s. The bed is the only surviving piece of furniture from Ordsall Hall. The Radclyffe family were one of the most influential families in England who served Tudor kings and queens in civil and foreign wars.

'Oldest' bed returns to Tudor home

Painted box, c, 1300

Boîte ornée de motifs floraux et animaliers

RP; Main Street, Wharton, New Jersey, PU-1905 Item# SCVIEW362730 (256214531)

Dottie Kamenshek was called the best player in women's baseball and was once recruited to play for a men's professional team. (National Baseball Hall Of Fame Library

Mary Queen of Scots bedchamber.. Holyrood.

Ms. Esther Jones aka Baby Esther was the real inspiration for Betty Boop. The African-American singer and entertainer of the late 1920s performed regularly at The Cotton Club in Harlem. Her singing trademark was…”boop oop a doop, “in a babyish voice. Singer Helen Kane purportedly saw Baby’s act in 1928 and “adopted” her style in her hit song “I Wanna Be Loved By You.” Ms. Jones’ singing style, along with Ms. Kane’s hit song, went on to become the inspiration for Max Fleischer’s “BETTY BOOP.”

Snowball fight:Tacuinum Sanitatis c. 1390-1400.

TYWKIWDBI ("Tai-Wiki-Widbee"): "Viburnum pugna"

SAGA OF RAGNAR LODBROK: If you watch the VIKINGS television show, you've met a version of Ragnar Loðbrók. If you want to meet the "original" Ragnar, you should read his saga. It's short, it's exciting, it's better than TV it's the new featured free eBook in The Norse Mythology Online Library. Download the free eBook (PDF format) at

This would be cute for a Christmas sleepover when watching a Christmas movie!

This Door Is 909 Years Old - Built By The Hand Of Viking Craftsman In 1100 AD

14th century medieval trunk

Chests and Trunks in the Middle Ages and Renaissance

Doublet, breeches a la Sevilla, stocking and cassock made of tabby silk. Breeches have a cod piece, and they were tied to the doublet at the waist. Belonged to Cardinal Giulio Feltrio della Rovere (1532-1578).

Extant male clothes of the Italian Renaissance

15h century Marriage ring Europe.

later 14th century. germany.

The most lavish medieval books were bound in covers set with enamels, jewels, and ivory carvings. Book Cover Plaque: Christ in Majesty, ca. 1185–1210 French; Made in Limoges Gilded copper and champlevé enamel Source: Book Cover Plaque: Christ in Majesty [French] (17.190.757) | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Hitler called her "The most dangerous woman in Europe." At The Queens Head pub in Stepney, in London's East End, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother enjoyed a pint of bitter, which she pulled herself. (That's the much-missed late mother of QE II, who famously refused to leave London during the Blitz, or even to send her daughters to the safety of Canada, saying ""The children won't go without me. I won't leave the King. And the King will never leave."

6 wives of henry viii

The wife of the mayor of St Mere Eglise, France, Mdme Simone Renaud, took it upon herself to tend the graves of fallen American servicemen who were buried in the two VIIth Corps cemeteries at her town and the Blosville cemetery. She placed flowers on the graves and when scores of next of kin family members contacted her, she wrote them poems and letters and included some earth from the gravesite or flower petals in the envelopes. She wrote to families all over America.

US Army - The Mayor's Wife

Book of Hours Robinet Testard, c.1475

Native American mother and baby. Beautiful.

Native American Photographs

Grave of Robert the Bruce at Dunfermline Abbey

robert bruce - Yahoo Image Search Results