Chocolate Dipped Coconut Cream Eggs

Chocolate Dipped Coconut Cream Eggs - This reminds me of my aunt, Winland, and the fire station :)

candy dipped decorated rice krispies treat eggs

neat snack idea ~ Recipe for Dipped and Decorated Rice Krispies Treat Eggs for Easter - For Easter, we thought it would be fun to mold our treats into egg shapes.

Cute Little Chick Cupcakes

Cute Little Chick Cookie Cupcakes Toppers look so sweet and adorable. This is very cute idea how to decorate your cupcakes for some special occasion, or just to


How to Make Marbleized Easter Eggs - Martha Stewart - dye in one color, then dye in a second color that had olive oil swirled into the dye.

Time to Color the Eggs!

Easter egg dying for little hands. Use a whisk! I'll have to remember this when Easter rolls around! No little kiddos but I still dye eggs :) Great idea!

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