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Pumpkin and Cream Cheese Muffins

Pumpkin and Cream Cheese Muffins Recipe says makes but main batter doesn't stretch that far. For use main batter recipe, but cream cheese filling and tipping portions.

JAMA Network | JAMA | A Call for an End to the Diet Debates

As the obesity epidemic persists, the time has come to end the pursuit of the “ideal” diet for weight loss and disease prevention. The dietary debate in the sci

Mosquito-Repelling Potagerie  Choose the right trio of plants around your yard, patio, etc... (geranium, citronella, and catnip)

Mosquito-Repelling plants: Citronella, or West Indian lemongrass, Catnip is said to be 10 times more effective than DEET in repelling mosquitoes, Cascading Geranium, another bug repelling plant