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From the beginning of the problem. Fuzzy math: A nationwide epidemic Math Humor, Teacher Humor, Special Ed Kids, Math Textbook, Failure Quotes, State School, Emotional Development, Common Core Math, Education System

Fuzzy math: A nationwide epidemic

My column this week covers the long-fought fuzzy math wars and the parental revolt against poisonous edu-fads. The Texas state school board voted before Thanksgiving to ditch the infamous “Everyday Math” textbook for third-graders. This is the faulty curriculum the NYC schools were forced to adopt despite an outcry from teachers and parents. It’s difficult […]

Quoting wikipedia, "Calvin and Hobbes is a daily American comic strip created by cartoonist Bill Watterson that was syndicated from November Calvin Und Hobbes, Calvin And Hobbes Comics, Hobbes And Bacon, Beste Comics, Library Humor, John Calvin, Fun Comics, Math Comics, American Comics

This is worth reading carefully. And then re-reading. And then saving for another day when you are worried that your kids aren't learning.

The Comic Strips :: Hilary Price :: Rhymes with Orange :: :: Image :: The Curriculum. We introduce the whole alphabet, but emphasize "A" through "D," since they come up most for the multiple-choice standardized test. Teacher Comics, Teacher Humor, Alternative Education, Teacher Association, Teaching Profession, Education Reform, Teaching The Alphabet, Formative Assessment, Too Cool For School

Yes, it's a quick funny and silly, but what better way to remind ourselves to question what is taught in schools and take what we think is important and not worry about the rest.