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External iliac & bladder nodes

Tailbone (coccyx) Images: Xrays, MRI, CT scans, anatomy illustrations, and more. Images to help you understand tailbone pain.

Mammary lymph nodes

New Type of Lymph Node Surgery May Allow Some Women to Have Fewer Nodes Removed After Chemotherapy Before Surgery


The Lymphatic System has only recently been rediscovered by medical science. The lymph system removes toxins from the body that are too large to go through the blood system.

Nodes of the neck and face.

How to Check Lymph Nodes. Part of the lymphatic system is composed of small round glands (or nodes) made up of lymphatic tissue. Lymph nodes are critical to the body's immune response, and they commonly swell in reaction to infection and.

Inguinal Nodes and Vessels of the Torso

Welcome to Integrative Bodyworks.


Welcome to Integrative Bodyworks.