A Little Field Mouse AND Bluebells! Or do I hear ringing in my ears?" (Photo By: Jacqueline Gentry.

A pair of tiny dormice enjoy a nap in our spotting of the day. Dormice spend up to three quarters of their life asleep!

Hazel Dormouse are the only small mammals in Britain to have a completely furry tail (pic They have golden-brown fur and large black eyes. It is 6 to 9 cm long with a tail of to cm.

Take a look at the 'Harvest Mouse - in Tulip flower - Harvest Mouse - in Tulip flower Micromys' prints from Ardea Wildlife Pets

Precarious perch

The common, or hazel dormouse is now an endangered species. Been out this morning cleaning out dormouse boxes in the woods. Hope some will move in but they are suspicious of new things.

Little Vole by Simon Roy

A young wild Bank Vole (Myodes glareolus) feeding from the top of a Saffron Milk Cap (Lactarius deliciosus).

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A couple of Cute Harvest Mice share a romantic moment with a Red Rose

Country Whisper. Harvest Mouse

''Millions of these tiny field mice, along with thousands of other tiny creatures, each year, suffer a painful death by the combine harvester. A field of wheat contains more dead mammals than a slaughterhouse in a year.

housekaboodle: ok, now I can have a nice weekend after seeing this way too cute squirrel with a buttercup hat.