A selection of cottages located in a boutique resort in Oracabessa in the parish of St Mary on Jamaica's northern coast with 3 miles of coastline with coral cliffs, sheltered sand beaches, secluded coves and a lagoon.

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I love it babe!!!!! You did such a great job picking everything out the floors look great it all looks amazing!!! Yay for you momma!!!! I can't wait to creep through the windows! Hahahahaha totally jk about that!!!

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Leslie. Palestinian, NDN, and then some. Female, my feminism is intersectional. Born in the Midwest, grew up in Southeast Asia. Living now in the Pacific Northwest and happy about it. I'm worth it all. I like pretty things and important shit.


Loft! ? Found on reddit with no source. However, there was a lovely discussion on how it can suck to have a lofted bed, because sexy times that start downstairs and move to bed involve an awkward ladder climb. Someone has to be the first one up. Layout|

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