Pantone Mugs

Celebrate your love of color with iconic Pantone mugs. Choose your favorite color or create a colorful assortment that reflects your personal point of view. These generous mugs are made from fine bone china.

vitra eames hvit

vitra simple and beautifull - Red to Pink Rolf™ Candlesticks, design by Maria Lovisa Dahlberg @freemoverdesign

From Red to Pink Rolf™, by Maria L Dahlberg freemover. Rolf™ candlesticks by Maria Lovisa Dahlberg. Simply Scandinavia New Mid-Century Modern.

Scandinavian Pastels - original Rolf™ stager in three sizes by freemover. Design: Maria L Dahlberg

FREEMOVER - Rolf™ Candlesticks Celebariting 10 years. Designed: Maria L Dahlberg - - FSC-certified wood

Designed: Maria L Dahlberg - freemover.

Vitra ball rack

Vitra Eames Hang It All - Black

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Kay Bojesen apekatt

Kay Bojesen monkey in teak and limba fra Rosendahl. Available in two sizes.

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