Karina Honyi

Karina Honyi

Sydney, NSW, Australia / I love my hubby, my son, my daughter, their partners, my cat Shelby, my kitten Shailey, my knitting & my photography - in sort of that order ;)
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Heart Warmers KNITTING PATTERN INSTRUCTIONS Grey Heart Cable Knit Legwarmers and Mini Mitts in Girls and Adult Sizes

I start to feel doubt and shame ive never felt so alone without you in my life. But I love you and trust time will bring you back

Bipolar love: My ex use to say, " u want me here, but when I'm here u want me to leave & when I leave u want me back." Vicious Cycle of Hurt.

Every day is a new start... Yes, the Soul's journey continues day after the day. Some days are easier than others. And sometimes we need a kind word, a gentle nudge to keep our inner flame alive. I invite you to explore the contemplative datebook and planner Soulful Sparks Calendar 2017, your Soul’s companion for the journey through the seasons.