The Revenge of the Fandom. CAN THIS BE A THING? <--- that would be brilliant but there's no way we can do it and it would take EXTREMELY high participation levels to work at all…Series 4 since I missed the Series 3 participation.

Forget being a consulting detective.

Forget being a consulting detective.Sherlock missed his true calling as a wedding planner

"Emma, I insulted Lestrade and I feel terrible" Sherlock said to Emma.

Sherlock paintball headcannon

Sherlock paintball headcannon, ignoring the fact he is a doctor. "I was a soldier." "you were a doctor!" "I had bad days."<--- Being a Doctor never stopped anyone from hurting other people. Just look at the Doctor.

Sherlock does care.

and the fandom wept. A Watson eating disorder explanation.

The Great Mouse Detective humanized

The Great Human Detective by rosynose on Deviantart (Rattigan and Basil of The Great Mouse Detective humanized)

Young, Disneyish style Sherlock and John.

Kid Sherlock and John. My favorite head canon, though, is the theory about how Sherlock was blond as a child, because of his name.