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©Yuumei “the sky beneath my feet”

yuumei-art: Art - Rain It’s the rainy season again~I always loved the reflection of the sky against the wet pavement. It feels so nostalgic for some reason.

sasucchi95: “notice meeeeee” - freshman mayor ✧°

The girl reminds me of an anime character I created

hawk blog

Yoosung << is this the beginning of Yandere Yoosung?

Kim Yoosung x MC Just love how he brushes his shoulder <<< he did say he'd keep it clean

mystic messenger, 707, luciel choi, saeyoung choi, jumin han, zen, yoosung, jaehee kang

Jumin is sooooo sweet! He would make a great boyfriend!

Mystic Messenger

This is why I love 707 xD MM + Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun cross over

mystic messenger, 707, luciel choi, saeyoung choi, unknown, saeran choi

(MM SPOILERS) secret ending 01 episode 1 Even in that situation,the car is still intact and everybody is still alive proving that MC is a better driver than Jumin Han.

"Yoosung and mc" honESTLY. I have an obsession with seven bUT Irl I need a Yoosung honestly -a