Vintage photos using a real branch for a "Family Tree."

DIY Family Tree Shadow Box~ just find a branch, family photos, use paper punch to make gift tags and hang with string or twine. Gift idea for mom

Christmas craft. How to make snowflake window clings!

snowflake window clingy things Here's how: Put a design on paper Cover it with wax paper. Trace a design onto the wax paper with puffy paint. Dry overnight and peel carefully. You've got yourself a cupcake-made window cling!

Wooden letters on picture frame with scrapbook paper.

Brightly painted frames, cardboard letters and loud scrapbook paper. (or, wooden frames, cardboard letters and muted scrapbook paper, which is what I was actually planning to do on the nursery wall once the baby comes and I know initials!

I am SO making these! Rugs in any shape, size, fabric you want! This is brilliant!  I love it!

Fabric floor cloth to make yourself. Love that you can customize a floor covering! It's a bit ugly on the underside because it's ducktaped, but who cares? I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar: DIY Fabric Floorcloth

DIY photo ornaments

Homemade Photo Ornaments 2012

Cover bottles or jars with gauze & googlie eyes...and 23 other halloween craft ideas

Home Spooky Home: Easy Halloween Crafts

Mummies Love Candy Make a spooky candy dish with plastic water bottles,gauze, and googly eyes.Cut off top of 2 liter water bottle or pop bottle.

Super cute conversation hearts with family names painted on them. love this idea!

Cute conversation hearts with family names painted on them. Love this idea for a Valentine's decoration!-- idk maybe not family names but cute

Pallet Plant Stand

TGG Fav Five: Pallet Planters

The Best DIY Wood & Pallet Ideas - everything from home decor, garden, storage, patio furniture, and outdoor easy to make ideas!