Karen Stuber
Karen Stuber
Karen Stuber

Karen Stuber

The Little Yoga Mat - Lotus Mat

The Goldfinch | The Frick Collection

Aloe marlothii (Mountain Aloe)

By Laura Erickson - Prothonotary Warbler

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Lava approaching a house

Earth's magnetic field protects us from solar radiation (Credit: ESA/ATG medialab)

A car lies vertically after falling down into a sinkhole

Aerial view of a sinkhole

Piper the Labrador Retriever

Tiny Tod Jive Iris

Cushion covers, 'Rose Dazzle' (pair)

#98: Dakota the English Springer Spaniel

#99: Maverick the Australian Shepherd

Aristolochia grandiflora (tentative)

Pulsatilla pratensis subsp. nigricans