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Nicolas Reusens
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A great friend will always lend a hand...or even a leg in the case of these tree frog's! (photo: Caters)


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A big part of success and happiness is not getting everything you want, but mindfully wanting what you get.


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Surinam Horned Frog

Ceratophrys Cornuta
Frog Ceratophrys
William Quatman
Cornuta Photo
Tea Saucer
Brazilian Horned
The Brazilian
Brazilian Flora
Brazilian Amazon

Amazon Horned Frog, Ceratophrys cornuta. Photo by William Quatman: Aggressive and territorial with voracious appetites, and indiscriminate tastes the 'Pac Man Frog' can grow to the size of a tea saucer! #Frog #Amazon_Horned_Frog

Amazon Horned Frog -- National Geographic

Frog Phylomedusa
Frog He S
Leaf Frog
Frog Alien
Frog Poor
Frog Aww
Eyed Frog
Frog And Toad
Alien Black

Alien Black-eyed Monkey Tree Frog-i think this may be my favorite frog picture yet...

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By Tom Gardner

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Not only can this frog stand on two legs, but it seems it can do so, while flipping the proverbial double bird (the flipper fucker finger! coolest frog EVER!!!) @GOOEYROSE

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Rainbow Of Colors: Colorful Frogs

Rican Variable
Variable Toad
Atelopus Frog
Rica Atelopus
Variable Harlequin
Amazing Animals
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Animals That You Didn’t Know Exist - Atelopus Frog

Rainbow Of Colors: Colorful Frogs

Frog Umbrella
Leaf Umbrella
Umbrella Ella
Tiny Umbrella
Nice Umbrella
Holding Umbrella
Umbrella Google
Umbrella Rain
Umbrella Feeling

"Where ever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine." Anthony J D'Angelo

Eyewitness: Jember, Indonesia