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The Walking Dead

Reedus on Daryl "I’m trying to play him as a virgin who was constantly put down and had to fight for everything, as someone with a huge chip on his shoulder. In television, you kind of have to plant these little seeds and hope that those trees bear fruit. So I’m constantly trying to look for little moments and make this guy evolve.” - Flaunt Magazine

Norman Reedus everywhere

He can be a Greyjoy, no?

Daryl with sleeves! Oh wait, it's just Norman Reedus.

Norman Reedus has Daryl Dixon phone cover

Awww one of my fave walkers with Rick. Haaaaaaaarrrrr We Are the Walking Dead - March 28th, 2011 on we heart it / visual bookmark #8552984

Daryl channeling Leonardo DiCaprio. Hhhhhaaaarrrrrrr

Are you ready?

Hindi naman siguro ako magiging zombieeeeeeaaawwwwr....The Walking Dead Cast - the-walking-dead Photo

You didn't think I'll have a Zombie board without this. Did you?

Luke? Nooooo!

Free vector zombies. Brrrrains! - CSS, Tutorials, Vector, Free, Vectors

Hope is lost for the humans

Even zombies need to stay connected.