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because farts are freaking hilarious


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...I'm sure you fart glitter

Last Fart

Do you know what your poop is telling you? Can you tell if it's a normal BM, constipation, or diarrhea? It's time to talk about it... with pictures!

hahaha! Nothing is funnier than poop jokes

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turdles

Haha I do the 35 degree one XD

Artist Marlo Meekins and the joy of fart jokes

Artist Marlo Meekins and the joy of fart jokes

Fart mannequin

Life Lessons

fun fact ;)


Koala Farts t-shirt

I fart in your general direction



hey say coffee is an excellent way to flush out the system. You know?because of the fiber! Anyhow, that's why it should make perfect sense to have a talking coffee mug that celebrates the glory of flatulence. That's right?from Big Mouth Toys; it's the I Love Farting Talking Mug, feature a bevy of...

I Love Farting Talking Mug



I fart and I leave the room.


Funny Pictures Of The Day – uh oh chimichanga bombs

A game to play!


animal farts that sound remarkably like explosions

Farts Around the World Book: What is proper English etiquette for a tea room emission? Can a Swiss fart be so loud that it generates an echo? If a meditating Buddhist passes gas, does it exist? The answers to such pressing questions are answered in this hilarious soon-to-be international best seller.