Water balloon slip and slide

Funny pictures about Water balloon slip and slide. Oh, and cool pics about Water balloon slip and slide. Also, Water balloon slip and slide.

Bucket List: Pay a strangers bill- gas, groceries, dinner tab, etc. Random acts of kindness feel great to do & receive. Pay them forward!

Taking your horse thru the drive thru :) On my bucket list! I need a horse first though .

Bucket List: "Ride a Helicopter" - did it multiple times. But absolutely amazing were the times a flew over the Grand Canyon, United States

Let's be honest, ever girl has wanted to do this since she first saw it on The Princess Diaries. Throw darts at paint filled balloons!

Highschool bucket list: Tie messages to balloons and let them go. Maybe words of encouragment or explaining where it came from and asking the finder to contact me with where it landed.

Give a homeless person a Christmas present. On year I'm gonna work at a homeless shelter for Christmas and give every single person a gift!

This is my most important wish for my life that I want to keep working towards! Before I die, I want to feel confident that everyone I loved on this side will be with me on the other side.