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LOVE the idea of creating temporary sculptures in class with old fabric or clothes then then taking pictures of them to create permanant art! I did not go to the link to see what this was really...


laughingsquid: Clown Sleeping While Sitting on a NYC Park Bench Is Actually Part of the Lightness of Being Public Art Installation

Hairy Leg Stockings

Tree Frog Embryos

Country Cutie - 2012 Halloween Costume Contest @Michelle Damian I want to see Ozzie like this!!

Costume Works

Ham Dogger

Lost At E Minor: For creative people

Lol WTF is that?! Broken Fingaz Crew #brokenfingaz #streetart #urbanart #graffitiart #urbanartists #streetartists #graffitiartists #wallmural #murals #uniquemurals

Fundies: Underwear Built for Two...most hilarious thing I have ever seen


42 Weird And Hilarious Products That People Actually Used In The Past The Egg Cuber for turning regular eggs into square eggs

Lost At E Minor: For creative people

Wonder Sauna Hot Pants, 1970s My girlfriend had these it was so funny, she couldn't get them off!!

Lost At E Minor: For creative people

So wrong, but so funny! I may need to start carrying get well balloons with me.

40 Reasons Local News Is The Best News. Funniest thing ever!! - Life throws you curves. Being prepared is everything. Are you DrumCorpsReady.com

iiu Susiraja’s body talking Selfies. The work of Finland-based self-portrait photographer iiu Susiraja is definitely not for everyone. She states that she once got email from an unknown sender, saying she should 'go get a proper job. http://www.iiususiraja.com/ #iiuSusiraja | #BodyTalkingSelfies | #Photography | #SelfPortrait |

I've always wanted to just hold meat and be able to eat it and that make sense. Wait... did that last sentence make sense? I think bread gloves have affected my ability to think logically. Because... you know... they are gloves made out of bread... bread gloves... hand sammies... what? I need to eat.

For Valentine's Day - The Sweat-heart Sweet-shirt - Guarantee they can't get away. http://www.pantalaine.com/extralove.html

The Huffington Post

Unicorn + Centaur = __________________ ! @Erin Gaeng you and Chris have outdone yourselves.


Its a miracle that she survived #funny pictures #img #picture #so funny