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nermın kakuş

Curious Cuties ___ Click the Link in my Bio <@jurale13> and what you will find there use it as a Gift.

"Look for good thing where you are, and in your state of appreciation, you will lift all self-imposed limitations (and all limitations are self-imposed) and you free yourself for the receiving of wonderful things" Abraham-Hicks

Gorgeous Calico Kitten!

OMG .... sooo cute kitty #cat cute fluffy AWW

Books & Cats

CAT 03 KH0036 01 - Tabby And Black And White Kittens Peeking Out Of Blue Flower Pot On Table By Purple Flowers - Kimballstock

It may seem unusual to visitors, but there are only orange cats in the Hollow. No one really knows why, but there are a few old legends kicking around. Hello Daisy Cakes!

Sandhills of Nebraska