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great for growing your hair long :-)

After having issues with the other pregnancies, my doctor said to take an extra folic acid pill in addition to my prenatals

Spray onto ends of hair to grow hair long

Spray onto ends of hair to grow hair to grow long. Not only will this make it grow but it will make your hair SOOOO soft! The lotion is also amazing. My Grandma always said this would make your hair grow.

Best for hair growth

Yes, these are really good for hair growth .I take the vitamin B complex which has the Biotin in it , I also take prim rose and it works very well with making your hair grow healthier .

honey hair treatment

Paula Deen Corrie’s Kitchen Spa: Savannah Bee Company Honey Hair Conditioner cup organic honey, 4 tbsp light olive oil. Mix into hair, cover with cap and let set 30 mins before rinsing.