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Two words: CIWA protocol

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Emergency nurse humor!!! Sometimes succs is the best solution!!

You couldn't afford your albuterol inhaler


Nurse humor Medical humor

nurses! LOL

Hahaha nursing humor

Nursing humor

This has to be what our patients think that their visit will be like in the EMERGENCY ROOM. media-cache8.pint... atlasrn er the heart of the hospital

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On a pain scale of 1 being fine and 10 being eaten alive by a bear, how would you rate your pain?

emergency rooms

Your warm blanket, turkey tray, pain meds and something to drink can wait. This is the Emergency Room not Comfort Inn room service.

Heart Wood

nurses! haha

Nurses. :-)

Let me get that AMA for you.... AND a pen!! Sign right here! And now the door! (There are those days!)

Infographic on the Workplaces that Nurses Love! This descibes the benefits of working in individual states. Great resource if you are considering a move after nursing school graduation or a career in travel nursing.

Night nurse here

Oh Epic.......


Telling me you only smoke 5 cigarettes a day is like telling you you're only kind of pregnant.

Psst, hurry up and clean your shit... JCAHO'S coming tomorrow.