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Kitchen Layout Guide Infographic

The kitchen work triangle consists of three key appliances: the fridge, oven, and sink/dishwasher. Each kitchen and floor plan illustrates and gives advice on the best positions for the work triangle in order to have an efficient and harmonious lay-out.

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dog bath in the laundry room. so doing this. and since i'm not a fan of pets in the house. this will be the only room the dog is allowed. turn part of it into a dog bed also

Restrain the urge to give up, and push thru harder!!

Take the core workout challenge. Core workouts will get your heart rate up and your abs screaming for more. Start getting fit today with this hardcore challenge!

How To Avoid Wrist Pain In Yoga....Try these tips to avoid getting hurt... Happy Yoga!

How to avoid wrist pain in yoga! Something I hear from beginner students all the time is that when in downward dog their wrists hurt. Here are some of the most simple ques to avoid wrist pain.