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Karolina Błońska

Karolina Błońska
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Yep, I'm a big dreamer with expensive taste and a salary that cannot sustain it. At least I can rely on my taste in music to get me going :)

zodiacmind: Fun facts about your sign here Perhaps.„

I will take a lot of crap for a long time from someone I love, but once I've reached my limit, then I no longer give that person a single thought. Once you lose a scorpios trust you can never get it back.


I'm not a physical fighter- but you bet that if you get me worked up, I attack with my wit

Pain is Fuel. >How #Scorpio energy works

Can I just take a minute here? Pain is not fuel. Pain is pain, and pain hurts. I have a debilitating joint disorder, and I can tell you right now that the pain I feel every day is not fuel. It's just pain. Quotes like this make me sick.