Karolina Sabatowska

Karolina Sabatowska

Karolina Sabatowska
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Lotus Garden Loungers

Anthropologie Lotus Garden Loungers, how could you not be comfortable wearing these - perfect for a Sunday reading session or a movie marathon

Summer FUN printables for kids

Summer FUN printables for kids - Brassy Apple. Love the idea of a Summer Food Passport.and making the kids try all kinds of new things this summer!

Summer Fun Ideas

Wondering what to do with the kids this summer? Well check out this free printable list of fun summer activities- everything from dancing .

101 Almost Free Things to Do With Kids This Summer

101 Things to do with kids this summer summer fun kids free diy activities for kids money saving kid activities family ideas family activities summer activities

Use an empty toilet paper roll to print your very own fabric!

Use an empty toilet paper roll to print your very own fabric! Painted dots from an empty toilet paper tube. The possibilities are endless! Maybe green and red dots on a lovely burlap for a Christmas table runner? Or blue and silver?

I am simply snagging the picture for inspiration for painting rocks, but the pinner I grabbed it from had embroidery as the comment. the link is probably for that! :)

paisley birds - this a machine embr. that you can buy. I like that is has the paisley being birds, and birds on the paisley. I wonder if i can make my own paisley birds?