Natalie Portman in Closer

Natalie Portman in Closer: I have a pink wig like this. I wore it to a party and a guy said he saw me earlier @ a bus stop (I was headed to the party) and was really struck by it.

Dirty Dancing. Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swaytze esse filme é demais by: Angel

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"How do you call your lover boy?" "Come here, Lover boy!" "And if he doesn't answer?" "Oh Lover boy" "And if he still doesn't answer?" "I say Baby, Oh Baby, My Sweet Baby, You're the one" ♥ Love this scene

Little Miss Sunshine (2006).

Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

I freaking love classic old Hollywood movies. Charlie Chaplin is a legend!

Charles Chaplin

Edward Scissorhands - Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder - directed by Tim Burton - 1990

Edward Scissorhands (1990)

We Should All Start Dressing Like We're In "Dirty Dancing" ASAP

'Dirty Dancing' - Jennifer Grey, Patrick Swayze - 1987 This classic film shows the REAL passion and Love in dance move over Fred andGinger

CLUELESS I watched this movie at least 100 times(including yesterday)