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Karolína Omastová

Karolína Omastová
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Hey where you going?

My new favorite kind of cat: munchkins! They're basically like dachshund cats, and totally adorable! The only problem is that they are still very rare, and now are in fairly high demand, which makes them very expensive. I LOVE MUNCHKINS

so pretty, I want one of these for Christmas.

Cats with big eyes absolutely hypnotize me. My Violet is a silly thing with little personality, but when I catch her gaze I just love her to pieces!

Hi I'm shine! I'm the eldest daughter of flame and flashlight! I'm joyful kind loving but can be blunt and cocky like my daddy! (OPPEEEENNN))

Silver Classic Tabby British Shorthair CFA Cheshire Rose Cattery Como Rita and like OMG! get some yourself some pawtastic adorable cat apparel!

if you didn't know...Cheery blossoms are my favorite flower, -MO

Japanese Cherry Blossom: Your Japanese Cherry Festival Questions… Answered! What period is the best one to see Cherry Blossom, Kyoto Cherry Festival, end of February What spot could I probably see some cherry blossom at that time