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Socotra, in the Horn of Africa. Here is the umbrella-shaped “blood tree" (broccoli tree sounds better though!)

Manzanita Madness!

DIY- setting branches in pots using spray foam: Add some moss to the top of the foam add lights and there you have it...Cheap wedding decor! Add some white fairy lights and it's also a light fixture.

This African Fruit Produces the World’s Most Intense Natural Color

Pollia condensata ('marble berry') a wild plant that grows in the forests of Ethiopia and other African countries and which can’t be eaten raw, cooked or turned into a beverage, has metallic fruit which stay a vibrant blue for years or even decades after being picked. Scientists have discovered that the fruit has no pigment at all and uses nanoscale-sized structures to produce the most intense color ever studied in biological tissue. Image via PNAS. via smithsonianmag #Pollia_condensata