Karthikeyan Woo Wo

Karthikeyan Woo Wo

Karthikeyan Woo Wo
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some nights it's the intimate conversations that make the night amazing. I love those nights.

I love laying with you like this in my arms! I love being with you baby! You looked so beautiful tonight! I want you to be mine. you are so torn with things. just come to me baby!

intimate couple portraits

masterphoenyx: “ Wrapping My arms about you and inhaling your sweet scent is the best part of My day. I love you angel. sleep well and dream of us. ” ~ Your arms around me is the best part of mine.


Hell yes. love it so provided no arrest for public indency. Fuck it, let's be indecent


The Dan O'Brien Project: Talking with Nicolas De La Cruz from "Hot & Forbidden"


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